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Facebook Raffle

Current Raffle: L$2,000 weekly
Last Winners: RD PixelShop (L$2000)
Raffle URL:

Enter the raffle!

SmartBots is now running a weekly raffle on our Facebook page! To join in, just perform the following few steps and wish yourself luck!

  1. Take a sceenshot of your company in-world with one of SmartBots devices visible (see Examples below).
  2. Visit our Facebook page and click the 'Like' button.
  3. Find the most recent raffle post.
  4. Share it and comment with your screenshot. We suggest to include your business SLURL, this works as a promo for you too.
  5. Good luck!

Screenshot examples

The screenshot should contain one of the following SmartBots devices:

  • SmartBots SmartBots Logo
  • SmartBots Interface
  • SmartBots Inviter Flag
  • SmartBots Devices Vendor

You can get these devices in SmartBots Devices Vendor located here:

Raffle Logo.jpg Raffle Interface.jpg Raffle Flag.jpg Raffle Vendor.jpg

Posting example

The post should include a screenshot with a device (see above), a description and a SLurl to your location:

MetaBizList is proud to work with SmartBots!

Example image to be attached to post.

Raffle Rules

  • One winner is being picked each week on a Friday.
  • The prize is being added to the winner's SmartBots Wallet.

Need help?

If you have any questions, contact GTASkinCentral Resident in-world.

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