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How to setup your personal bot

When your personal SmartBots bot has been set up, it's a time to start using your bot. This document explains the very first steps to configure your bot.


We recommend to proceed with the following steps before using your bot:

  1. Wear the SmartBots HUD and setup it to control your bot.
  2. Use your SL viewer to set the appearance of the avatar:
    1. Temporary logout bot: HUD => "Logout bot"
    2. Use any SL Viewer to enter the bot's avatar
    3. Set the appearance, wear attachments and AOs. Close SL viewer.
    4. Login bot using HUD => "Login bot"
  3. Turn on the bot's IM autoresponder if necessary: (Setup tab => IM Autoreply)
  4. Rez the Bot Pose Stand and command bot to use it (Control tab => Sit)

The bot is up and running now!

Need More help?

Please feel free to contact our support managers to get help or tips. The list of online managers is available in our office, and on the website.

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