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Prices (new)

There are two major payment approaches at SmartBots: (1) based on group and (2) based on personal bot.

Each subscription keeps your group bot online 24/7, you don't need to keep your PC running.

Group-based Standard personal bot Model bot
  • use our system bot
  • pay for each service you use
  • each additional group increases the payment
  • use own personal bot
  • pay for your bot only
  • 42 groups and all services included to subscription
  • use your own bot
  • pay less
  • no groups supported at all
Price: L$79/week per service

Example: Inviter+Notices services in 1 group cost L$79+L$79 = L$158/week

Price: L$479/week per bot

Example: Inviter+Chat+Notices in 10 groups cost L$479 per week.

Price: L$179/week per bot

Example: Model bot in your office will cost L$179/week

SmartBots subscription is weekly-based. It's possible to subscribe for a week, or for one, three or six months.

Group-based Payments

You can choose which services to enable, and pay for the necessary features only. It's possible to enable and disable certain services at any time.

Service One week One month Three months Six months
Group Inviter L$79 L$339 L$1,015 L$2,029
Automatic Notices L$79 L$339 L$1,015 L$2,029
Chat Control L$79 L$339 L$1,015 L$2,029
Translator L$39 L$164 L$491 L$1,474

Group Inviter Service

The subscription includes everything you need to manage the group invitations:

  • Bot setup
  • Subscription payment
  • Per-visitor group invitation statistics
  • Daily reports
  • Free 1-prim Interface Devices to put on your land
  • Free Greeter provided (optional)

Read more here about Group_Inviter_Service.

Chat Control Service

Subscription includes:

  • Ability to read group chat and talk using bot
  • Ability to send a warning to particular group chat member
  • Ability to eject group members
  • You can create the group chat moderator accounts to control your group chat
  • Free AntiSpam Device to automatically mderate group chat

Read more here about Group Chat Control Service.

Group Notices Service

Subscription includes:

  • Ability to send the group notices from web.
  • Ability to setup the automatic scheduled group notices.

Read more here about Group Notices Service.

Personal Bots Payments

Choose the bot you need: standard bot for group operations, model bot if you need a simple mannequin.

Standard Bot

Usage: greeter, notice sender, AI support.

Includes all SmartBots services: direct inviter, notices, chat, translator.

Price: L$479 per week.

Model Bot

Usage: mannequin, dance model, beautification.

Does not support additional services (can be a member of Second Life groups, though).

Price: L$179 per week.

See more information here :Personal Bots.

Additional Tools

The following additional group tools are available:

Service Price
Exporting group members (names + UUIDs + login dates) to a text file L$1 per member

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