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Shareholders Bonuses

SmartBots is a publicly listed company at SLCAPEX (SL Stock Marketplace). Everyone can buy the shares of SmartBots and become the co-owner of the company.

The price of the single share depends on the market, current prices are available here.

Being a shareholder

  • Benefits
  • SLCAPEX account
  • Buying shares
  1. You buy the shares of the active, developing company. SmartBots is growing, creating new services, and our company's value is growing as well.
  2. All shareholders get the monthly dividends from SmartBots' profit.

These advantages are available for all shareholders. SmartBots customers get the additional bonus after becoming the shareholder:

One-time bonuses for SmartBots customers

Shares you buy The bonus you get
at least 200 2 free weeks to your group subscription
at least 1500 2 free weeks to your personal bot subscription
10,000 6 months to your group
25,000 6 months for your personal bot

Please note that you can get the same bonus only once:

  • if you buy 200 shares, you get the bonus 2 weeks
  • if you buy another 200, you won't get another 2 weeks, but...
  • if you buy 1300 more shares (so you get 1500 in total), you'll get 2 free weeks for your bot.

Repeating bonuses for SmartBots customers

We will give the repeating bonuses for SmartBots shareholders from time to time (they will be announced in SmartBots blog).

Creating account with SLCAPEX >>

To buy shares, you have to register at SLCAPEX marketplace first. If you already have SLCAPEX account, click here.

1. First of all, teleport to SmartBots office and touch SLCAPEX terminal. This way we will know to provide the bonuses for you.

2. Teleport to SLCAPEX office (terminal will give you the landmark) and create account. This video shows how to do this:

Step by step

a. stand by the terminal (ATM) in SLCAPEX office
b. pay any amount to the terminal
c. use password to login to your SLCAPEX account at

Once you've created an account, you are ready to buy shares: Buy BOTS shares >>

Buying shares is simple: SLCAPEX provides the easy way to do that ("Market" order) and more complex.

The video shows how to buy the BOTS shares:

Step by step

a. login to your account at SLCAPEX
a. click "Trading" and locate "BOTS" in the list
b. in "Market order" block, type the number of shares you want to buy
c. click "Estimate the market" to proceed.

"Limit orders" is more advanced technique to buy the shares: you set the desired price and amount. However, if you want to buy shares immediately, "Market order" is definitely what you need.

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