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Bots Playground updates

August 27, 2016 by Glaznah Gassner

Second Life bots programming in JavascriptThis is a repost of a recent DevPortal post. It turned out that lot of SmartBots developers missed that post, so I decided to repeat it here once more.

The Bots Playground has been updated with the following improvements:

  • Scripts now restart automatically
    This is the most important update which relaunches your scripts if Playground server gets restarted.
  • Page controls got refined for 1378×768 screen resolution
    This is the most popular resolution for compact laptops, so we refined page controls: script rename/remove links has been changes; long script names are properly displayed now.
  • Scripts list is now sorted by name
  • Reference links to Playground Commands and Events have been added.

Finally, two new commands are available:

We welcome all developers to try Playgrounds and discuss it in DevPortal forum!

Bots Playground launched at DevPortal

July 15, 2016 by Glaznah Gassner

Second Life bots programming in JavascriptDear friends, I’m proud to inform you that we’ve launched the beta testing of Bots Playground: the sandbox to program your bots in Javascript.

Read more details in DevPortal blog post (we appreciate if you subscribe to DevPortal blog updates, too).

Free bot for developers

We treat developers as valuable friends of SmartBots. From now, if you are a developer in Second Life, and want to try developing things with SmartBots too (using new Bots Playground, HTTP API or AdminBot LSL library – whatever), you can request a free bot at SmartBots. This bot will remain free life-time (well, as long as you develop things for Second Life with SmartBots).

Proceed to the DevPortal blog for more details!

We are launching the DevPortal

June 7, 2016 by Glaznah Gassner

DevPortal - for Second Life developersWe are launching a new SmartBots DevPortal: the blog and forum for SL developers!

DevPortal is the place to discuss scripting, programming and development – mostly related to Second Life and SmartBots, indeed. It is a future heart of SmartBots’ knowledge base for in-world developers.

The very first DevPortal article explains our goals and plans – have a pleasant reading!

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