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Pandora AI autoresponder

Pandora AI responder is a feature provided by smartbots free of charge that enables your bot to respond to IMs automatically.

Not to be confused with the Simple Autoresponder (add-on). See differences below


  • Easy to configure
  • Free
  • No need to configure rules
  • Usable with any type Personal bot provided by smartbots

When you have the Pandora AI responder enabled and someone sends an IM to your bot it will reply and people will be able to converse with it:


You will still be able to view your bot's IM logs normally and get a notification when a new message is sent to it.

How to enable Pandora Bot

To enable the autoresponder using the smartbots default Pandora Bot:

  1. Select "Setup" tab
  2. Click "IM Autoreply"
  3. Click "on/off" to turn it on

To create your own Pandora Bot AI Auto Responder for your bot follow the steps found on this page.

Pandora Bot vs Simple Autoresponder

The Pandora Bot responder is similar to the Simple Autoresponder add-on but there are differences.

There are no rules to create so the bot will respond with a sentence that matches what the person says. You can configure the profile of the bot however to suit your needs.

For a demo of the Pandora Bot autoresponder send an IM to SupportBot Resident inworld. It is a bot that currently has the Pandora Bot responder enabled.