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SmartShare Tenant Inviter (SSTI) system is a brand new product of SmartBots; it adds the group invitations, web console and guests support to HippoRent.


Version 3.0 updates:
- SSTI API support added. For more info see

Version 2.0 updates:
- Expiration reminders
- Box tenant change support
- Automatic box updater
- Web interface and script improvements

Version 1.9 updates:
- tenant automatic eject improved (see UPDATING TO NEW VERSION section)

Version 1.8 updates:
- fixed pop-up issue preventing tenants from using Hippo menu
- existing guest/partners are now automatically reinvited to the group

Previous updates are available here:


The device acts as a plugin for hippoRENT system. It combines the strengths of hippoRENT with the functionality of SmartBots and allows your tenants inviting their friends to your land group:

* Low lag and Low Prim (just 1 server per sim + 1 plugin script per hippoBox)
* Works 24 hours a day without any software on your PC
* Single config card is stored in SSTI Server

Land SL group management:
* Automatically invites and ejects tenants
* Tenant can invite/eject guests and partners to the group
* Web interface for Landlord to control the tenants and their friends

Product contains:
- server object (modifiable)
- Hippo plugin scripts (copyable)

What's new in version 1.1:
- easy-to-use 2-level menu for tenants
- modifiable help notecard for tenants


The setup is easy and takes about about 10 minutes:
1. Create account at
2. List your group with SmartBots
3. Setup your group abilities (create roles)
4. Rez the SSTI server on your sim and edit .config note card
5. Finally, drop the plugin scripts into each of your hippoRENT boxes

Installation complete!


SSTI usage is free. However, it requires subscription with SmartBots which costs L$79 per week.

You can try the service for FREE during the first week.


* Automatically invites tenant to the group on rent (to specific role)
* Automatically ejects tenant from the group
* Tenant can use hippoBox menu to invite Partners and Guests to the specific roles of the group
* Tenant can remove Partners and Guests from the group
* Landlord has access to the web interface to manage all tenants and their guests and partners
* The complete tenant's activity log is available: guests and partners invited and ejected ever
* Residents ejected by Landlord can be banned from the group forever


If you already have SSTI installed, read this page for seamless upgrade instructions:


Visit our website to get more information:

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