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Bot Store Plugins Interface for QubicBot
QubicBot ( is a Windows application which allows running your Second Life bot. It works as a standalone app and keeps your bot online.

This add-on allows using all SmartBots features with QubicBot app (scheduled notices and IMs, antispam, inviters, HUD, all BotStore add-on).

With this add-on:

you run your bot on your own PC
SmartBots gets ability to send required commands to your bot.

IMPORTANT: you need an active subscription with SmartBots to use the features (QubicBot app do not require any subscriptions, just initial license fee).

* Your bot runs completely on your PC, the bot's password is not available to anyone
* No messaging limit enforced by app

1. Download QubicBot app at
2. Launch your bot under QubicBot app
3. Get this add-on
4. Assign add-on to your bot in SmartBots account

QubicBot is a third-party application not affiliated with SmartBots. Use this add-on if you want to run SmartBots
For more help contact SmartBots support.

Author: SmartBots

Get support: SmartBots

Item type: Bot add-on