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CasperLet Group Inviter

Bulk Group Invites with Group Services

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  1. Click "Add Bot" Button in your Group Bots and select "SmartBots Group Inviter".
  2. Insert your group name (please use copy & paste, group names must fully match)
  3. Gather your Group Security Code and paste it under "Security Code"
  4. Enter your avatars UUID - which can be found in your SL profile
  5. Enter the role name where your tenants should be invited in. (Leave blank if you'll be using role "Everyone")

Additional Info

  • By using the check box "Default": your bot will override all of your rental units
  • To identify your invite records via CasperLet differently: you can type in a custom label
  • Please do not forget to make a test invite/eject by the end of setup!

CasperLet Bot2.png