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SmartBots operates in Second Life since 2010 and known as a biggest Bot Hosting and Group Tools provider grid-wide. We maintain thousands of Second Life bots online and more than ten thousands of active Second Life groups! We develop our services with a help of our enthusiastic team.

We treat our team members just as our family. SmartBots is a nice, cool and greatly-rewarded place to work in Second Life.

We are always hiring! Take a look at the positions list below and feel free to apply.

Support Manager

We offer an employment opportunity for Support Managers in the department of customer services in a joyful, positive and friendly environment.

  • Fair hourly-based payment, one of the highest in Second Life
  • An opportunity to advance and get promoted
  • The delightful experience and knowledge to be useful everywhere!

Details and requirements

  • Supporting SmartBots customers via web-based chat and in-world
  • Required online presence from 2 hours per day

For more details click Support Manager - Department of Customer Services

Click here to apply


Various sections of SmartBots are waiting for a translation to your language!


  • You have account with SmartBots
  • The language you are translating to is your native
  • No automated translation (e.g. Google Translate) is allowed

Click here to apply

Video Artist

We are looking for a person experienced in video recording and editing to compose help, demo- and promo videos.

Details and requirements

  • An experienced use of a video recording/editing software (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc)
  • Second Life video/machinima experience

For more details click Video Manager

Graphics Designer

We are always looking to make our web and in-world user interfaces better. If you are experienced making computer graphics, feel free to apply for this position.

Details and requirements

  • Photoshop and/or Illustrator knowledge
  • An experienced resident of Second Life


Our system involves a lot of technologies. We will be glad to get you involved if you are experienced in any of these areas:

Details and requirements

  • Languages: LSL/C#/Perl/JavaScript/Node.js
  • Technologies: 3D games development, Babylon.js, Three.js

How to apply?

If you wish to apply: Simply click here to proceed to our Online Application, Please do not forget to specify the position title you are applying for.

We are looking forward to hear from you!