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SmartBots offers variety of instruments to control Second Life groups and Second Life bots from LSL and web scripts (for example, from PHP).

If you are not familiar with SmartBots, we suggest you to take a look at developers' tools below. You will see the major possibilities of the system.

Note: "bots" are regular SL avatars which are controlled by computer. They are able to stay online 24/7. "Group" is a regular Second Life group, with roles and abilities.


Basically, SmartBots developers' tools can be split into the following groups:

1. AdminBot Library

AdminBot is a library for your LSL scripts which allows controlling SL groups:

  • inviting/ejecting group members
  • sending notices (including attachments)
  • sending group IMs and even listening to group chat.

The library relies on LinkMessages. The detailed documentation is available here.

2. HTTP API for bots and groups

SmartBots HTTP API allows working both with groups and bots:

  • SL groups: inviting/ejecting members, sending notices and group IMs
  • SL bots: logging bot in&out, moving it, interacting with bot's HUD objects

HTTP API documentation is available here.

3. SBSL - Simple Bot Scripting Language

SBSL allows quickly creating interactive SL bots which greet people, react on IMs and inventory offers, move and talk.

SBSL documentation is available here.

SmartBots Logos

You are allowed to use the special "Powered by SmartBots" logo on your devices, web pages and apps. Check this page for a suitable logo.

Getting help

Learning a completely new API can be difficult even for experienced scripters. We would be glad to talk, know your requirements and offer a most effective solutions.

A lot of SL developers are already working with SmartBots APIs (including SHX, Artizan and others), we will be able to offer a professional solutions and add new functions for your products.

Contact [Glaznah Gassner] in-world or submit a ticket from your SmartBots account.

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