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Direct Group Inviter

Direct group invitation is a standard pop-up which appears when a resident invites another resident to the group:

Viewer V1 direct popup
Viewer V2 direct popup

What is direct group invitation? Why it's better?

What is the difference between direct and indirect SL group invitations?

Direct Invitation[1] Indirect Invitation[2]
Pop-up appears inviting to the group Message appears asking to "Press CTRL-H and click the link"
Resident joins after clicking on "Join" button Resident has to click on link in chat, open group profile, click the "Join" button
Works for closed-enrollment groups Does not work for closed enrollment groups
About 80% of residents join[3] About 20-30% of residents join
  1. The same invitation as appears when resident invites another resident
  2. "Simulated" from LSL script
  3. Based on our test on 20K traffic parcel

What's good about indirect invitation? Well, it's free and can be used from LSL script. But:

  1. SmartBots invitation cost only L$79 per week
  2. We have an AdminBot LSL API which allows you to even listen to a group chat!

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