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Personal Support Managers

General Information

At SmartBots we pride ourselves on Customer Support. Now, we've taken things one step further. Whenever you speak with one of our Support Managers, you have the option to have that Manager as your Personal Support Manager.


Our Support Managers are well trained, equipped and enthusiastic professionals of Customer Support. They will be always there for you, ready to help at anytime from anywhere.

  • One-on-One Customer Support: Your Support Manager is always there for you
  • Peace of Mind: Your Personal Manager is familiar with your account
  • Stay satisfied: Your manager will constantly follow-up with you to ensure your satisfaction

How To Get One

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There are several ways you can get a Personal Support Manager.

  1. Contact our 24/7 Live Chat Support
  2. Or submit a ticket.

NOTE: If you're not sure which Support Manager to choose, do not worry - we'll choose one for you. Your Support Manager will afterwards contact you in Second Life for introduction.