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Sets the device name and device creator for your statistics purposes (you will be able to see who is using your device).


The following table shows input values (you send them with the API call) and returned output values.

Variable Required Description
llMessageLinked( LINK_SET, SB_SETUP_DEVICENAME, string str, key id )
Input variables:
str yes device name (given by the creator)
id yes creator avatar's UUID


This command is to set the device name for your statistics purposes (you will be able to see who is using your device).

The list of devices is being displayed in "Developer" menu at SmartBots account.

  1. We advice to put version number along with the device name. This will allow you to see all residents using old and outdated devices, and contact them.
  2. The author's UUID is required to show your all active devices to the author.


string deviceName="My Device v1.0";
key creator=llGetCreator();
llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, SB_SETUP_DEVICENAME, deviceName, creator);

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