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SSTI API Example

The following script is being used as SSTI API testing suite. It provides the easy way to understand and test the API.

// SmartShare Tenant Inviter example plugin
// (C) Advers Inc, 2013
// This script demonstrates the API usage and interaction with SSTI. Feel free to
// modify and distribute.
// CONSTANTS: Copy them to your script to call SSTI API
// See for details
// Messages to SSTI (commands):
integer SSTI_API_GET_GUESTS=-45030001;
integer SSTI_API_CUSTOM_BUTTON=-45030002;
// Replies from SSTI (events):
integer SSTI_EVENT_INITIALIZED=-45040001;
integer SSTI_EVENT_GUESTS=-45040002;
integer SSTI_EVENT_CUSTOM_BUTTON=-45040003;
integer SSTI_EVENT_NEW_TENANT=-45040004;
integer CHANNEL=-123456;
integer touch_started=0;
string STR_TEST_GUESTS="Get guests";
string STR_TEST_BUTTON="Custom btn";
default {
    state_entry() {
    // Click and hold for API test menu
    touch_start(integer total_number) {
        llWhisper(0,"SSTI API test suite: keep pressing for 2 seconds to open debug menu");
    touch(integer total_number) {
        if(touch_started<llGetUnixTime()-1) {
            llDialog(llDetectedKey(0),"Choose the test function:",
    // This function does the calls to SSTI
    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) {
        if(msg==STR_TEST_GUESTS) {
            llWhisper(0,"Calling SSTI_API_GET_GUESTS...");
        if(msg==STR_TEST_BUTTON) {
            llWhisper(0,"Calling SSTI_API_CUSTOM_BUTTON");
            llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,SSTI_API_CUSTOM_BUTTON,"API test",NULL_KEY);
    // This function processes the replies from SSTI
    link_message(integer sender, integer cmd, string str, key id) {
        // React on initialization
        if(cmd==SSTI_EVENT_INITIALIZED) {
            llWhisper(0,"SSTI API: initialization complete, group name: "+
        // React on guests reply
        if(cmd==SSTI_EVENT_GUESTS) {
            // Parse reply to guests list. This code is given as a code
            // template for your scripts:
            list guestNames; // Store names here
            list guestKeys; // Store keys here
            list guestType; // Type: G for guest, P for partner
            list source=llParseString2List(str,["&"],[]);
            integer i;
            for(i=0;i<llGetListLength(source);i+=3) {
            // Compose the readable guests list
            string result="";
            for(i=0;i<llGetListLength(guestKeys);i++) {
                result+=llList2String(guestType,i)+" "+
                    llList2String(guestKeys,i)+" "+
            llWhisper(0,"SSTI API:\n"+
                "tenant UUID: "+(string)id+"\n"+
                "guests list:\n"+result);
        // React on custom button press
        if(cmd==SSTI_EVENT_CUSTOM_BUTTON) {
            llWhisper(0,"SSTI API: custom button pressed by "+(string)id);
        // React on new tenant event
        if(cmd==SSTI_EVENT_NEW_TENANT) {
            llWhisper(0,"SSTI API: new tenant "+str+" ("+(string)id+")");