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SSTI Hippo Prim Counter

Prims limit

SSTI prim counter is able to fetch the prim limit from two sources:

  1. HippoRENT web interface or
  2. Hippo box config notecard (named "Configuration Notecard")

You may see that prims limit is not available after rezzing the box:

Hipporent prim limit unknown.jpg

There are two ways to fetch this limit:

  1. Touch your Hippo box and choose "Reset".
    This causes box to re-read its configuration (don't worry, your tenant information will remain untouched). This is required only once.
  2. Enter your Hippo webpage and click "Reload box config":
    Hippo reload prim limit.jpg

    You can click it even if it appears gray!

Bulk prim limit update

You can update multiple boxes by selecting all of them in Hippo web page and clicking "Update Selected" button:

Hippo update prim limit bulk.jpg