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Role setup for group notices, SL viewer v2

To send the group notices you have to setup your group first. It's very easy if you're experienced, otherwise read our instructions below.

Two major steps have to be performed to send group invites:

  1. Invite Bot to your group.
  2. Assign the Send/receive group notices ability to Bot.

1. Invite bot to your group

Invite bot to your group by opening the group profile:

  1. Open Groups list
  2. Switch to Roles tab => click Invite
  3. Type the name of your bot (see your SmartBots account for details).
  4. Click on Send Invitations button.

Bot will accept your invitation automatically. If you experience any troubles inviting bot, contact our editor. He will guide you through invitation process.

2. Allowing bot to manage chat

This part is under development and will be added shortly.