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What is a Second Life Bot

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Second Life's largest bot hosting provider

SmartBots is a service provider which allows you to manage your Second Life group and/or control your Second Life bots.

  • We have over 5,000 bots and more than 10,000 group services running!
  • We keep your bots online for 24/7 on our servers.
  • Run your services through easy-to-use web interface!
  • Our professional team of customer services, is always ready to help!

opportunities with SmartBots

Organize and manage your Second Life business with bots, bots are your loyal servants, they wont have any delays, complaints, issues or real-life situations!

Group Services

Use bots as your loyal managers! They can send automatic invitations, group notices, protect group chat from spammers and translate it, too!

>> More information about Group Services

Personal Bots

Use your own avatar as a bot, Personal Bots can stand at your region, execute Group Services and make your region look more lively. You can control them through intuitive HUD, too!

>> More information about Personal Bots

Personal Bot Add-Ons

Your Personal Bots can additionally extend their ordinary functionalities!

  • Make your bot become alive barkeeper, handing out drinks to anyone!
  • Or a stripper, undressing and dancing to entertain your visitors..
  • Or even a tour-guide! Showing your visitors around your cool places.
  • A Sim Governor as well! Automatically restarting your region and banning un-welcome guests.

And so much more...

>> More information about Bot Add-Ons

Developer Tools

Haven't found anything in our services that fits you? Why not create it yourself?

We provide intuitive programming tools for bots, HTTP API, their playground, AdminBot and more! As said above, limits are not to be feared.

Start Developing with SmartBots now on our Developers Portal with enthusiastic, smart and cool people like yourself!

>> More for Developers


Did you ever wanted to represent and earn with one of the biggest companies around Second Life?

We offer an easy franchise program that with fair-based commissions off every payments.

>> Check out more information for our Franchise