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Bot home location

This page explains how SmartBots personal bots manage their home locations.

There are two options which control the bot's home:

Bot home settings.jpg
  1. The "home URL" determines the bot's actual home location.
  2. The "login to last location" checkbox determines how your bot logs in (see below).

These options will be used by the bot in the following cases:

Case #1: bot logging in

When your bot logs in, it acts in the following way:

  1. If "login to last location" is turned on, bot logs in to last location.
  2. Otherwise it logs in directly to "home URL".

Case #2: region restart

The following events happen on region restart:

  1. Your bot is forcefully logged out by SL during the region restart.
  2. Bot tries to log back in, but SL sends them to one of the Linden's hubs.
  3. Bot knows the actual "home URL" and keeps trying to teleport home every few minutes, until the region is back.

Thus, listing the "home URL" is very important: it helps your bot to leave Linden's hub on region restart.

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