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Personal Bot Control Panel

The control panel is a simple, intuitive and friendly tool used to manage your personal bot. All functions are comfortably located in one place. We will show you how easy it is to manage your bot using the control panel from your browser.

About Personal Bot Control Panel

First, login to your account at

Next, in the menu on the left, click "Your personal bots" and then "manage bot":
Manage bot.jpg
where you will be redirected to the Personal Bot Control Panel. The control panel will have a different background depending on which gender your bot is.
Общая панель.jpg

Description of the features:

1. Basic information about your bot is shown here such as: bot type(standard or model), your bot status (whether it is offline or online),when your subscription expires and how to change your bot type (read more here).

2. "Brain” - SBSL bot programming. Here you can see a list of scripts located on your bot. You can also add a new script. SBSL must be enabled for Alive Bots to work.

3. “Mouth” - Bot Live Chat. After clicking on this button, you will be forwarded to the web interface which allows you to view Instant Messages received by the bot and also send new ones using your personal bot. You need the module add-on (L$999) for this functionality to work!

4. “Heart” - Here you can quickly edit your login/password or change your bots SL profile (read more here).

5. “Hand” - This is where you setup your Bot access code, used for protecting your bot, for applying SmartBots API functions and allowing devices to control your personal bot.

6. “Wallet” - This is a new option available for bots made for the transfer of funds to other users. How does it work? It is very simple. First you pass the necessary amount to a bot and then, without going to the Second Life client, by pressing the "send money" button, you can transfer the desired amount to any user, they will be credited from your bot. The remaining lindens in the wallet will be shown after you refresh the page over the "send money" button:

7. Options - Here you can enable or disable various settings, such as: AI Auto-responder, accepting inventory and accepting group invitations.

8. Bot Inventory - Shows a list of items available in the bot's inventory

9. “Right leg” - shows bot's home location which can be changed manually, for example:
10. “Left leg” - Here you can select where you want the bot to sit, simply write or copy the object`s UUID, for example:

11. Has your bot changed genders? Simple click this link at the bottom of you bot's control panel to switch to either male or female avatar images!

12. Bot Module List - Bot Modules are add-ons for your SmartBots bot. They add various features to your bot and make it interactive and powerful! Read more about how to purchase and manage bot modules here.

That's all! Its very simple and easy.

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