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Alive Bots

Alive Bots are special bots provided by SmartBots. They are equipped by a special Module, which turns your bot to a powerful avatar with its own unique behaviour.

For example, Alive Barkeeper turns your bot to an alive bartender which accepts orders from your visitors and serves a drink.

Striper bot is able to entertain your visitors

Using Alive Bots

To get an Alive Bots , purchase the corresponding Module like any other Module and attach it to your bot. Refer to (these instructions) for details.

As usual, the easy 3 days refund is available if you did not like the bot.

Existing Alive Bots

The following Alive Bots are currently available at SmartBots:

Module Description
Alive Barkeeper One of the club themed bots that provides entertainment for club/bar owners

Read more about Alive Barkeeper

Alive Strip Dancer Club themed bot that provides visual entertainment for visitors

Read more about Alive Strip Dancer

Alive Support Bot Your bot turns into 24/7 support machine:
  • accepts customers' messages using IM
  • delivers them to your human managers
  • allows you to track the activity of your support staff

Read more about Support Bot Module

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