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Alive Strip Dancer Bot

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Liven up your club with the Alive Strip Dancer Bot today! This add-on turns your bot into a strip dancer that removes clothing for L$.

Second life strip bot 1.jpg Second life strip bot 2.jpg Second life strip bot 3.jpg


  • Makes your club live and attractive
  • Entertains your visitors, makes them stay longer
  • Serves as a source of income for you


  • Optional dance pole, dance rug and instruction board included
  • Works with either a model or standard bot subscription
  • Easy one time configuration
  • Still functions as a personal bot

To view the full features visit DuoLife for the demo

How to get Strip Dancer

You can obtain the add-on by visiting the bot store or by clicking this link


Strip Dancer bot performs a dance in your location.

First, you set the desired payment and configure bot's clothes so she (or probably he) may undress them (see configuration page for details).

Now, bot strips one clothes item as soon as someone pays her. One more payment removes the next item etc, up to the nudity level you've set up.

If nobody pays Strip Dancer, she start slowly wearing the clothes back.

Dance animation

Second life bot pose stand strip.jpg

We provide two dance "stands" for your bot: dance pole and dance rug, equipped with different animations.

These "stands" can be edited by placing your own animation: from catwalk to something very passionate!


Alive Strip Dancer should be configured before usage. Read this page for detailed instructions.


Does my Strip Dancer violate maturity rating of the sim?
No if you won't let your dancer strip nude. Set the "0" folder to contain underwear.
What if someone pays less money than required?
Dancer returns the money back to payer
What if someone pays more than required?
The extra money are considered as "tips" to the dancer
How to get the Strip Dancer?
Buy the Strip Dancer add-on in our Store and attach it to your bot