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Alive Strip Dancer Appearance

Your Strip Dancer have to know which clothes to use. This can be done by setting up the proper folders in bot's inventory.

IMPORTANT: The main folder MUST be created in the ROOT of the bots inventory!


The Strip Dancer's clothes folder looks in the following way:


As you may see, the folders are numbers from 0 up to 9. Fully clothed dancer wears all these folders. Stripping means removing folder 9, then 8 etc.

In example above, Strip Dancer removes folder 6 (containing Skirt) on a first payment. Next payment removes the folder 5 (Shirt), then 4 etc.

Base level, or "0"

The base level (which is 0) indicates the "nude" level or items which never taken off. This folder usually contains

  • shape
  • skin
  • hair
  • tattoos and make-up
  • underwear for PG regions.

Other levels, from "1" to "9"

These folders will be removed on a payment, one by one. If bot decides to wear clothes back, it wears folders one by one, too.

Fully clothed Strip Dancer wears all folders: 0, 1, 2 etc.

Finished setting up

After you finish creating the folder structure, login the bot back SmartBots. Then open config webpage and select the clothes folder to use:


Then finish configuring your Strip Dancer bot.