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Alive Barkeeper Bot

This is a bot add-on:

1. Get this addon:
2. Configure in left menu:
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Video Tutorial & Documentation Here

Alive Barkeeper Bot is the first of SmartBots "Alive Bots". These Bots have automated features that are made specifically for a special task. As the name suggests instead of just staying still or switching between animations (if you are using the Bot Pose Stand) it interacts with anyone that touches it.

Alive Bot's were created to look more realistic by allowing people to interact with them. Barkeeper is made specifically for doing bar keeping whether in a roleplay environment or for making your bar look more realistic with a Barkeeper.



Alive Barkeeper has the following features:

These are just some of the features available. View the demo here:

How it Works

When a person touches the Alive Barkeeper Bot they receive a message in local chat and then provides them with a menu to select the type of drink then the drink itself:


Then they will be asked to pay the bot L$1 after which they will receive their drink in-world (persons can pay the bot more than L$1 and they will still receive their drink).

The bot will also send messages and plays animation with each of the steps being completed to make it look more realistic.

All drinks are automatically provided with the barkeeper bot.

How To get Barkeeper

Visit Barkeeper add-on page in SmartBots Bot Store.


Barkeeper bot is being configured using a special web page in your SmartBots account: "Alive bot: Barkeeper". Read more info here.

Instructions Board

We've released an instructions board to help your visitors using a Barkeeper:

Barkeeper help board.jpg

Visit your Barkeeper configuration page to get the board.

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