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Setting up barkeeper messages

Alive Barkeeper add-on comes with set of pre-defined messages that it can send throughout it's bar-tending process. Read below how to change/customize these messages.

To find the message configuration page:

  1. Visit your Alive Barkeeper add-on page
  2. Click your Personal Bot's name (left-side menu)
  3. Click setup greeting messages option

Setting up Messages

Here you can configure the various interaction messages that occur at different events:

Barkeeper message page.png
  • Visitor has touched the Barkeeper - This message is sent out when visitor clicks on barkeeper
  • Visitor has made a choice - When visitor selects a drink in the dialog menu
  • Visitor has paid - these two messages are sent in 2 different situations. When visitor has paid enough for a drink price, or not enough.
  • The drink is ready - This message is sent to visitor when barkeeper finishes up the drink
  • Visitor touches while making a drink - This message is sent if barkeeper is touched while making a drink for another visitor.
  • Visitor pays without selecting a drink - This message is sent when visitor pays, but doesn't select a drink in the menu.
  • Barkeeper invitation - This is the message that barkeeper keeps repeating.
    • Say it every - Defines a period (in minutes) of Barkeeper invitation message

Message variables

In each message, you can also includes message variables. Each variable converts into different values when message is sent.

  1. <NAME> - Name of the visitor.
  2. <PRICE> - the drink price you set
  3. <SLURL> - the current location of the bot
  4. <DRINK> - the current drink name
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