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Alive Barkeeper Configuration

You can configure your Barkeeper bot using a configuration page in your account dashboard. To access the configuration page click "Alive bot: Barkeeper" on the left panel in your account dashboard


This add-on requires you have SBSL enabled

Interaction Messages

Here you can configure the various interaction messages that occur at different events:


Other Messages

There are also messages that may occur while someone isn't interacting with the bot or two persons try to use it at the same time:


Invitation message is sent at the specified interval in local chat.

You must save the settings after enabling the add-on or the messages will not be sent!

Seeing this image?

Barkeeper Empty Config.png

This means that you have either applied the add-on to a bot that was previously expired or are running the add-on through QubicBot. Just click 'Save settings' in the red box to reset all of the settings to default and see your bot begin working again.

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