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Bot Local Chat (add-on)

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General Information

The "Local Chat" is a powerful add-on that provides major functionalities to help your business become more effective and realistic!


Monitor Local Chat

The messages received by your bot appear in the chat window. Our system keeps all previous messages so you can login and check what happened around your bot recently.

You can also use the chat window to send messages in local chat.

LocalChat Main page.png

Local Chat Greeter

Local Chat greeter allows your personal bot to send out pre-configured greeting messages to your visitors. With definable meter radius and variables!

Click here to read how to setup local chat greeter

Greeter settings1.png

Greeter statistics

Your bot collects the number of greeted visitors and displays them via a convenient graph. Monitor and keep track of your visitor numbers by selecting the start and end of the timeframe you wish to see.

Greeter stats1.png

Scheduled Messages

Allows your bot to send automatic one-time/periodic local chat messages - with fancy calendar web-interface to keep track of your message schedule and planned events!

Click here to read how to setup scheduled messages

Calendar Messages1.png

How to purchase

See the Purchasing Add-Ons page for step-by-step add-on activation instructions.

Additional information

  1. This add-on can be used only with a Personal Bot.
  2. You can refund your add-on purchase within 3 days.