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RLV Support (add-on)

This is a bot add-on:

1. Get this addon:
2. Configure in left menu:
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The RLV Support Add-On gives your bot the ability to accept RLV commands providing even greater control!

How to Activate

To activate the add-on simply:

  1. Purchase it from the bot store
  2. Attach it to you bot
  3. Use a compatible RLV enabled device to issue commands!

Compatible Devices

This add-on works with mostly all of RLV devices around SL Marketplace, such as: Famous OpenCollar, Yuus/Nuu and others.

However, the variety of RLV devices is wide. If you would like to make your favorite RLV device compatible with the add-on, do not hesitate to contact us

Additional Information

  1. The add-on works with all Personal Bots
  2. When the add-on is updated there is no additional work required: you get the latest version instantly.
  3. Only devices listed under the compatible devices are supported 100% and are guaranteed to work, other devices may have limited compatibility.
  4. Not all RLV commands will be implemented as bots don't have free will (e.g. the restrict commands)