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Outfit Rotator

This is a bot add-on:

1. Get this addon:
2. Configure in left menu:
3. Get more help:

Outfit Rotator is an add-on for Personal Bots to automatically change model appearance wearing pre-configured outfit folders.

Bot rotates outfits, announcing them to the local chat.


Setting up

  1. First, prepare outfit folders set (if you need help, read "Creating outfits" below)
  2. Open Outfit Rotator addon page
  3. Add your outfits:
    1. Click "Add outfit folder"
    2. Locate folder in Inventory Browser
    3. Select it


You can now set local chat message for each outfit, along with a outfit display time. Bot starts wearing outfits automatically.

Creating outfits

Outfits can be created by logging into your bot using SL Viewer (native, Firestorm etc). Proceed with the following steps:

  1. Login to your bot with any Viewer
  2. Dress up your bot
  3. Go to your bot's Outfits & click "Wearing"
  4. Scroll down and save the outfit to a separate folder
  5. Repeat for every outfit you need

NOTE: If you do not want your bot to take off particular objects on each outfit change (such as: hair, underwear, tattoos, rings, etc) - We recommend to create separate folder and move these kind of items there.

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