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Security Bot (add-on)

This is a bot add-on:

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Security Bot is an add-on for Personal Bots. It allows you to setup parcel protection based on your needs and quickly eject unwanted guests!

Security Bot summary.png

Major features:

  • Control access lists using easy web interface!
  • Setup a configurable access word to allow visitors in
  • Includes spam protection against group invites
  • Monitor live visitors through web interface
  • Includes several security modes:
    • Allow all, except blocked visitors
    • Block all, except allowed visitors

How it works

Security Bot IMing people.png
  1. Visitor teleports to your parcel
  2. Bot detects new visitor and sends an IM
  3. Bot takes further action based on possibilities listed below

Find more information about Security Bot configuration here

Control access lists

Security Bot access lists.png

Using access lists, you can add residents to either skip the bot's protection or fully block them from entry.

Setup security modes

Docs Security Bot security modes new.png

This configuration page allows you to setup different types of protection:

  • Allow all, except blocked visitors: Bot allows everyone to enter your parcel except for blocked residents (using access lists mentioned above)
  • Block all, except allowed visitors: Bot does not allow anyone to enter except for allowed residents
  • Or fully turn off protection

Spam Protection

Security Bot spam protection.png

Using this feature, bot can automatically eject & ban anyone who sends a group invite to it. Allowing you to keep your parcel protected from unnecessary group invitations.

Live monitor visitors

Security Bot visitor monitoring.png

Using this page you can also monitor anyone who comes and goes to your parcel live.

Important Notes

IMPORTANT: Please keep the following in mind for the add-on to work:

  • Bot must be an Estate Manager (No group membership or permissions required in this case)
  • OR Parcel must be Group Owned (Group fully deeded to parcel)

How to purchase

See the Purchasing Add-Ons page for step-by-step add-on activation instructions.

Additional information

  1. This add-on can be used only with a Personal Bot.
  2. You can refund your add-on purchase within 3 days.