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LocalChat Autoresponder (add-on)

This is a bot add-on:

1. Get this addon:
2. Configure in left menu:
3. Get more help:


LocalChat Autoresponder allows your Personal Bot to auto-respond in Local Chat using rules you create

Front page LCAA.png

Your bot can perform several tasks while auto-responding:

  1. Respond with text to match messages
  2. Send group invitation and/or inventory offers
  3. Respond to several messages at once

Creating rules

To create a new rule, visit LocalChat Autoresponder page and click Add rule.

Each rule comes with following options:

  • Match - acts as a trigger message for every rule
  • Case sensitive - defines if your Match message is case-sensitive or not
  • Say to chat - A message that bot sends out
  • Show variables - Shows variables: "%SL_NAME%" and "%FIRST_NAME%"
  • Invite to group - Sends a group invite
  • Give inventory - Sends an inventory offer
  • Stop if rule matches - Read more below


1. Simple reply-to-all

This ruleset will reply to all local chat messages:

Rule 1:
Match: -- empty --
Say to chat: Hello %FIRST_NAME%! Please open our website for more information.
Stop if matches: YES

Reply to all LCAR.png

2. Multiple variants with a default reply

This ruleset allows setting up various replies to various local chat messages (as much as you need):

Rule 1
Match: website
Say to chat: Our website is
Stop if matches: YES

Rule 2
Match: landmark
Say to chat: Here's the landmark to our location!
Give inventory: SmartBots Landmark
Stop if matches: YES

Rule 3
Match: -- empty --
Say to chat: To get more help, contact our support managers!
Stop if matches: YES

3 rules.png

3. Matching several rules

This ruleset shows how multiple rules can match one message (saying "hi" or "hello" and then "Welcome")

Rule 1
Match: hi
Say to chat: Hi there %FIRST_NAME%!
Stop if matches: NO

Rule 2
Match: hello
Say to chat: Hello %FIRST_NAME%!
Stop if matches: NO

Rule 3
Match: -- empty --
Say to chat: Welcome to our office! You can find more info on boards
Stop if matches: YES

Follow-up LCAR.png

Useful hints

  • Match words can be separated by commas, example: Hello, greetings, hi
  • If you leave Match message blank, that will be your default rule
  • There is no limit on how many rules you can create
  • The rules on top take priority over the one on the bottom, eg if you have a rule that says "if: hi" the bot will say "hello" and another that says "if: hi how are you" the bot will say "i am fine thank you", the one on top will occur i.e the bot will say hello.
  • If you are using give inventory feature, make sure the object has copy + transfer permissions

How to purchase

See the Purchasing Add-Ons page for step-by-step add-on activation instructions.