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Immortal Bot (add-on)

This is a bot add-on:

1. Get this addon:
2. Configure in left menu:
3. Get more help:

"Immortal Bot" add-on makes your bot never-expiring. When enabled, this add-on shifts the expiration date to the future, thus your bot will never expire.

If you have several Bots, you can purchase several Immortal Bot add-ons and assign one to each respective bot.

How to purchase

  1. Open SmartBots Bot Store:
    Purchase immortal 1.jpg
  2. Purchase the add-on in Bot Store (view instructions here).
  3. Assign the add-on to your bot (use Personal Bot Control Panel):
    Purchase immortal 3.jpg
  4. Enjoy your never-expiring bot!

Additional information

  1. There are two types of Eternal Bot add-ons: one for Model bots, and one for Standard bots
  2. You can disable the add-on for one bot and enable it on another. The "Immortal" status will be moved to the new bot.
  3. The bot has to be active before applying the add-on. Thus, you need to make at least one regular subscription payment to launch your bot.
  4. You can get a refund for your add-on if purchased within 3 days.

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