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Bank Bot (add-on)

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General Information

Bank Bot add-on provides major functionalities for your Personal Bot to help the financial area of your business.

Control Live Balance

Bot Balance Live.png

A handy web interface monitors your bot’s L$ balance in real-time. If your bot sends or receives money, this page will immediately update the displayed balance.

You can use this page to send money manually, too!

Create balance notifications

Balance notifiers.png

You can setup Balance Notifiers, so the bot notifies you through IM of every L$ transaction, or you can establish an upper and lower L$ limit and be notified if balance exceeds these limits

>> Click here to read how to setup balance notifiers

Calendar scheduled payments

Calendar payments.png

You can schedule automatic payments on specific dates and times using the payment calendar. This is great for scheduling salaries, partner payments, freelancer hires and so much more!

>> Click here to read how to use payment calendar

How to purchase

See the Purchasing Add-Ons page for step-by-step add-on activation instructions.

Additional information

  1. This add-on can be used only with a Personal Bot.
  2. You can refund your add-on purchase within 3 days.