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Setting up local chat greeter

General Information

Local Chat greeter allows your Personal Bot to send out greeting messages to your visitors in Local Chat. In-order to setup your greeter, you require Local Chat add-on

Greeter configuration

To start configuring your greeter, navigate to "Greeter Settings" from your add-on page.

Greeter Localchat.png
Label Number Description
1 Enables/disables your greeter.
2 Text of the greeting message your bot should send to visitors.
3 There are two variables you can use "%SL_NAME%" and "%FIRST_NAME%"
4 Displays the maximum length of your message - 1024 bytes
5 Visitor will only be greeted once by the bot
6 Will only be greeted on first and second visits of your location
7 Your bot will greet the visitor every time they visit (To avoid spamming, same avatars will not be greeted within an hour after first message)
8 Sets the range in meters - bot will greet the visitor once they enter the following range