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Type of Personal Bots

SmartBots supports two kinds of personal bots:

  • Standard bot
  • Model bot

The major difference is that Model bots are not able to send invitations, group notices or IMs. Model bots are intended to be used as models or mannequins only.

Comparison table

Feature Standard bot Model bot


Subscription L$479 per week L$179 per week


Appearance can be changed yes yes
Posable, can be animated yes yes


Controllable using HUD yes yes
Controllable in SB account yes yes

Second Life groups

Can join SL groups yes yes
Can manage SmartBots groups yes no

SmartBots services

Greeter yes yes
Group Inviter Service yes no
Group Notices Service yes no
Group Chat Control Service yes no
Chat Translator Service yes no


SmartBots APIs yes no

Changing the bot type

Your Second Life bot type can be changed by opening the bot settings page(click here for details). Your bot's subscription time will be adjusted automatically.

If your Standard bot already has groups listed with SmartBots, you won't be able to switch it to a Model bot (the groups need to be deleted first).