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Group Inviter Service

This service allows you to work with members of the group: to invite new members to the group and also remove them from the group. Inviting new users is performed automatically (when it detects a new visitor to the Parcel), and also manually at the request of the avatar (if you click on an object).



  • Subscribe => List group => Use
  • No software: 1-prim device only


  • No invitation to existing members
  • Respects parcel borders


  • Invites on touch and on sensor
  • Configurable
  • Works with famous SHX Greeter

How does it work

The following images show the main idea of SmartBots:

  • You place SmartBots' Interface device to your parcel
  • It starts locating and inviting your visitors.
  • You don't have to have SL bot on your land.

Resident comes and Interface
device locates him

Interface device notifies your
SmartBot about new visitor

SmartBot sends direct group
invitation for the visitor

If the invited user is already a group member, the system automatically detects it and sends a re-invitation (this only happens if you touch the interface, if the user is already a member of the group and arrives at the parcel the system detects it and doesn't send an invite).

This Service is able to send invitations to all groups: open, close, with free and paid membership. The invitation can be sent to any role. Service also allows users to eject members from the group (for example, if you use plug-in for HippoRent and the lease expires.)

Before sending the invitation service checks the blacklist. This list can be filled in by hand (in your account) or automatically (for example, using the automatic spam detection plugin).

SmartBots deliver DIRECT group invitation. Read more here about direct and indirect inviters.


SmartBots are absolutely spamless:

  • The invitations are being sent only once to every visitor of your location (you can change this).
  • Existing group members won't receive invitations.
  • SmartBots respect parcel borders.

What's Next?