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Message Limits

Linden Lab has put in place a new policy which limits the amount of messages a bot can send daily (You can read the policy here). Please view the FAQ below for more details:

What does this mean?

It simply means that you cannot send more than 5000 messages from a bot in a calender day and "All bots operated by a single user share a common limit." If you send more than 5000 messages in a day ALL messages from your bot(s) will stop until the limit gets reset the following day.

What is counted against my limit?

Any form of communication that is sent from your bots to someone else (Such as an IM, a group notice, message to local chat/group chat, inventory offers and group invites). Please note that 1 message is for 1 individual, so if you send notice to a group with 1000 members then you have 4000 left for the day and have used 1000.

How can I view my limits?

You can view your limits by logging in to your SmartBots account. You will see your remaining messages left at the top of the screen:

Message Limit.png

Why are they doing this?

Linden Labs are trying to reduce the amount of spam that is sent across their servers to increase performance for residents.

No Limits with QubicBot Add-On

QubicBot is a Windows application which allows running your Second Life bot. It works as a standalone app and keeps your bot online as well as still functioning with scheduled notices, invites etc.

As the bot is ran on your PC, there are no messaging limits enforced by the application. For more information on QubicBot, read the documentation here.

Points to note:

  • This limit is being enforced by Linden Labs.
  • Your limit resets daily at roughly 2:00 SLT.
  • Even if you have several bots you still have a 5000 message limit.
  • If you send a message in group chat only members that have it open will receive the message unlike notices where all group members receive it.
  • This applies to ALL bots.

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