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SmartBots also offers a greeter function that comes free with the Group Inviter Service.

The greeter sends and IM along with a group invite to any none group member which comes within range of the Interface Device (Currently the IM will only be sent along with a group invite).

The greeter can also send and object along with the IM (Object must be copy+trans, you can set next user permissions using the Personal Bot Inventory Browser.


How to Enable the Greeter

To enable the greeter simply follow these steps (assuming your group has already been added and configured properly to work with the Group Inviter):

  1. On your account dashboard locate the group you wish to enable the greeter for, hover over '# inviters' and then click 'options'
  2. On the page that appears click "Interface Options
  3. Type the message you wish to be sent and also select an object from the list of uploaded objects:

Note: If selecting an object it must be previously uploaded and has next owner permissions set. See Bot inventory for more details.

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