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SmartBots also offers a Greeter application that comes free with the Personal Bot Service.

Greeter dashboard 2.png

Main Features

  • Various greeter options: group inviter, chat, IM and inventory
  • Multiple groups and inventory items
  • Ability to invite visitors once, twice or always
  • Spamless: respects parcel borders
  • Greeter statistics web page: with graphs and history
  • E-mail reporting & notifications

Greeter statistics

Greeter statistics page 2.png

Greeter also provides handy statistical and historical data of each option executed by bot. You can view your Greeter's statistics by clicking View stats option in your Greeter dashboard.

Reporting & Notifications

Greeter report and notifications 3.png

You can optimize what kind notifications and reports you'd like to receive from your bot.

  • Daily, detailed: You will receive emails with detailed reports of greeter.
  • Daily, summary: The emails will contain summarized reports
  • Weekly, summary: Email will be sent by the end of the week with summarized report
  • Monthly, summary: Email will be sent by the end of the month with summarized report

Alternatively, bot can send you an Instant Message as soon as greeting is executed.

Greeter setup

Greeter can send a message (Local Chat and/or IM) along with group invitation and inventory offer. Each of these options can be separately enabled/disabled.

You can read the detailed explanation on the setup by clicking here