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Group Services

SmartBots Group Services

SmartBots Group services are used to control various functions within your group such as Automatic direct group invitations and Automatic notices.

All SmartBots services use the abilities of SL bots: group inviters, group chat translators, automatic notice delivery system etc. All bots are hosted on our servers, so you don't have to keep your PC turned on.

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Group Inviter service

Invites residents to your group.


Chat Control service

Chat management in your browser.


Automatic and scheduled notices.


Chat Translator service

Automatic group chat translator.


Setup help:
Inviter setup

More info:
Interface Devices

Setup help:
Chat control setup

Group Moderators

Setup help:
Notices setup

Setup help:
Translator setup

To use the services above your group must be listed in your account. Instructions here.

Aditional Services

SmartBots also provides additional services that work with the the main ones mentioned above:

Group Inviter service


Bulk Invite


Group Export

Transferring Group Members - This is a special tutorial which utilizes both the Group Export and Bulk Invite service.

AlikaRent Plugin - Invites tenants to a group when they pay the rental box. (For use with the Alika Rent system)

HippoRent Plugin - Same as the AlikaRent Plugin but for use with the Hippo Rent system.

CasperTech - Both CasperLet and CasperVend allow SmartBots integration straight out of the box!

IntelliAd Plugin - Invite a resident into a group when they rent an advertising board (Details are found in the Intelli Ad product not for sale from smartbots)

Smartbots Also provides a special device for the Hippo Rental system called a SmartShare Tenant Inviter

The price for the plugins are free however you need to have an active smartbots subscription. Prices start from 79l and you can read more about pricing here.

Group Chat

WebTalk - Talk to the group from your website!

Chat Moderators - Create accounts for group moderators.

How to start?

  1. Create account with us (click here).
  2. List the groups you would like to manage, choose the bot names.
  3. Place Interface object on your parcel to do group invitations.

Still not sure about us? Click here to see how Smartbots compares to other bot providers! Or try us for 1 week for free!

All services can be Activated or removed anytime.

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