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AlikaRent Plugin

SmartBots group inviter plugin for Alika Rent allows to invite your tenants to the group when they pay for rent, and eject them when their rental expires (evict them).

The Plugin is configured by single a notecard and provides the following functionality:

  1. Sends the group invitation to renter.
  2. Able to send the custom IM to renter.
  3. Able to send a notification IM to you on each payment.
  4. Able to send a specific inventory item to new tenant.
  5. Spamless: does not send invitations to existing group members.

You only need to place the plugin script and configuration notecard into the Alika Rent server.


The price of the plugin is completely free (however, it requires an active SmartBots subscription).

Setup instructions

  1. Rez and open package
  2. Copy items to your inventory
  3. Edit the "zz_SmartBots Config" notecard
  4. Drop both notecard and plugin script into your Alika Rent server

It's that easy! No UUIDs or any other technical stuff is required.

How to get the group inviter for Alika Rent?

Visit our SL Marketplace product page to purchase the plugin.

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