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SmartBots Documentation


SmartBots is a service provider which allows you to manage your Second Life group and/or control your Second Life bots.

All SmartBots services use the abilities of SL bots: group inviters, group chat translators, automatic notice delivery system etc. All bots are hosted on our servers, so you don't have to keep your PC turned on.

Documentation contents

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SmartBots services can be classified to two major groups:

Group Services

The group features you can't use without Second Life bot: direct inviter, automatic notices etc.

You can use a bot provided by SmartBots, or your Personal Bot


Your very own Second Life bot: you can teleport your bot, change appearance etc.

You can use "Group services" depending on the type of the personal bot.

Proceed to the sections below to find the services useful for your business.

If you are developer, or wish to open your own business by reselling SmartBots services, scroll down to "Advanced".

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Invites residents to your group.



Chat management in your browser.


Automatic and scheduled notices.



Automatic group chat translator.


Setup help:
Inviter setup

More info:
Interface Devices

Setup help:
Chat control setup

Trusted Managers

Setup help:
Notices setup

Setup help:
Translator setup

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Second Life bot rental services

Although SmartBots allows using shared bot to manage your group, you can rent and own a fully-functional Second Life bot.

* (Shared Bot is a basic bot which provides you with group services. You don't control the bot itself)

Get your own Second Life bot

A Personal Bot is your own SL bot, fully controllable and configurable. You can teleport it, change appearance, use as live support or mannequin - read more.

Personal bots can also manage your groups and perform group services.

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There are a lot of additional features available with SmartBots:

Export Group Members

Export group members info to the text file! Read more here.

APIs for Developers

The truly amazing functionality for LSL scripters and programmers:

  • AdminBot Library - listen to a group chat, eject spammers, send group notices from your LSL script!
  • Bot Scripting Language - the scripting language to control your bot in real time.
  • HTTP API - requests which allow you accessing SmartBots functions

SmartBots Franchise

If you want to resell SmartBots services and earn up to 40% commission, please proceed to Franchise pages.

How to start?

  1. Create account with us (click here).
  2. List the groups you would like to manage, choose the bot names.
  3. Place Interface object on your parcel to do group invitations.

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