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SmartBots Franchise allows you earning money by reselling SmartBots services and tools. Setup SmartBots office in your location, and get your commission from every customer's payment.

If you are looking for SmartBots logos and banners, click here.

Franchise Levels

There are several levels of SmartBots Franchise:

Franchise Plan Commission[1] Boards[2] Furniture[3] Requirements
Non-Certified 5% yes no none
Certified Basic 10% yes yes SmartBots Boards
Certified Reseller 15% yes yes In-world office[4] for SmartBots
Certified Partner 20% yes yes "Certified Reseller" + 10 active clients[5]
Certified Professional 30% yes yes "Certified Reseller" + 30 active clients
  1. The commission you receive from each payment of your clients. Example: if customer pays L$1,000 and your commission is 30%, you get L$300
  2. The SmartBots boards for your customers, with information about SmartBots services
  3. The set of professional furniture for you to decorate your office
  4. All "Certified" locations must be approved by our franchise manager - see the contacts below.
  5. To see your clients, login to SmartBots account and click "SmartBots Franchise" menu at the left.

Earnings and commission

See this page for more info on your commission.

SmartBots Franchise Furniture

We offer a Franchise Furniture package to make your office more attractive and professional. The package is available for free with each Franchise Level starting from "Certified Basic":


Contact Franchise Manager (see the name below) to get the full package.

Joining the Franchise

The basic non-certified franchise package is available at SL Marketplace: click here.

Get the package for free, rez items and examine them. If you would like to upgrade to a higher plan, and higher commission, contact us for upgrade.

Certifying/upgrading your Franchise

You can upgrade your franchise to a higher commission by contacting us. Our manager will visit your location and upgrade your plan.

To upgrade your franchise, contact Quincyjohnes Resident or Amyalka in-world.