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Second Life group direct invitation bots

The platform for Second Life bots and groups

SmartBots is an essential tool to manage your Second Life bots and groups. Empower your SL business with alive bots, benefit from using SL groups!

Our Services and Advantages

  • Advantages
  • Your group inviter
  • Advertise in groups
  • Group chat + translator
  • Personal & Model bots
  • Developers / resellers

Working with SmartBots you can be sure that your SL bot and group are being managed by professional and reliable service:

No software required!

We maintain all Second Life bots on our servers. Bots' average uptime is 100-150 hours with 1 minute relog.

Unique features

Automatic group notices (including group ads); group chat accessible from web browser; group members export and more!

We dare to compare

SmartBots provides the widest range of abilities for a lowest price (see Second Life Wiki for the proof).

Try group services for free!

Free 1 week group subscription for every customer to test if your business benefits from SmartBots!

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SmartBots Group Inviter automatically invites your visitors or tenants to the Second Life group.

How does Inviter work

  1. Resident comes to your parcel,
  2. SmartBots Interface device locates him and...
  3. ...commands bot to send invitation.

Affordable and effective

The weekly subscription is just L$79. You can invite residents when they come, buy your product or rent the land from you.


SmartBots has plugins for SHX, Hippo, Alika, IntelliAds and other systems. These systems can be powered with direct group inviter.

SmartBots also works with the Casper System which has built in compatibility, no plugins required.

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Manage group notices and IMs from web with automatic delivery.

Scheduled delivery: notices and ads

Send group messages (notices and IMs) automatically:

  1. Setup the schedule,
  2. Specify the text and attachments (if any)
  3. Let SmartBots to carry out your delivery.

Multi-group messages

Single message can be delivered to all groups you've listed with SmartBots.

Flexible pricing

Single group subscription is L$79 per week.

If you have a lot of groups consider of using a Personal Bot: you get up to 42 groups by the fixed price of L$479.

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SmartBots helps managing your group chat, and even translating it.

Group chat over web

Access your group chat and its history over web, without launching SL viewer. Say whatever you need through the bot.

Eject spammers

You can eject spammer from the group with one click. It is possible to set the group moderator accounts for your staff.

Automatically translate chat

SmartBots provide the group chat translation service. It translates all group chat to desired language, allowing people to talk.

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Do you have your own Second Life bot? Host it with SmartBots, the maintenance-free bot hosting.

The movement, appearance and behavior of the bot is controllable using HUD.

Available bot types

Standard bot: all-Inclusive Model bot: lightweight
Standard bot includes all other SmartBots services: Inviter, Chat, Notices. Model bot acts as your mannequin, secretary or fashion model.
You can use up to 42 groups per bot. It can't work as group inviter but makes your location nice and alive.

Pricing: cheaper for Model Bots

The Standard Bot subscription is L$479 per week. If you need a mannequin or model only it's even cheaper: L$179 per week.

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SmartBots provides powerfull tools for developers, including LSL and http APIs.

  • AdminBot - LSL library to work with SL groups from LSL scripts,
  • SBSL (Simple Bot Scripting Language) - the scripting tool to make your bot alive,
  • HTTP APIs - low level APIs to manage groups, send notices and control Second Life bots.

Selling your products

You can sell your SmartBots-powered products without any restrictions.

You are also able to receive a commission (up to 40%) from every subscription with SmartBots Franchise.

More info about SmartBots

To know more about SmartBots services, visit the documentation section. Our support managers are glad to reply any question you may have!

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SmartBots Support group chat

SL group chat is powered by SmartBots WebTalk