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About Bot Store

The bot store is designed to provide quick and easy access to add-ons that work with your bot or group. The store not only includes items made by SmartBots, but also 3rd party developers as well (to have your SmartBots compatible product listed please contact support).

To purchase an add-on from the store simply navigate to it and click "buy/get". It is being paid for from your Wallet. For more details on purchasing add-ons click here.

Visit the Bot Store now!

Add-Ons vs Devices

Add-Ons, once purchased, can be enabled on a specific bot to add more functionality to it. For more details on add-ons click here.

For some items when you click "buy/get" you will be redirected to the SL Marketplace where once purchased it will be delivered to you inworld. Devices can be rezzed in-world and does specific tasks. For more information on devices click here.


The method of delivery varies for the item being purchased:

  • For add-ons they will become available for attachment once purchased (details on how to attach an add-on here.
  • Devices will be delivered to your in-world inventory.


  • Add-Ons can be refunded within 3 days after purchase.
  • Currently there is no refund provided for devices.
  • If an add-on is refunded you will no longer have access to it.