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Video Guides

In this section we have provided some video tutorials that we suggest you look at (some videos may be outdated but the procedure is still the same):


Video Description
How to create an Account Shows you how to create an account which is used to gain access to all smarbots services.
How to add a personal bot Shows how to add a personal bot to your account.
How to setup Group Services Shows how to setup Group Services
Support Bot Demonstration Shows how the Support Bot works.
Waypoints Navigation demonstration Shows how the Waypoints Navigation is configured and used.
Alive Bot Demonstration + Setup Shows how the Alive Bot is purchased, configured and used.
Support Prim Features + Configuration Shows how the Support Prim is recieved, configured and used.
Strip Dancer Alive Bot Demonstration + Setup Shows how the Strip Dancer Alive Bot is configured and used.
How to setup the HippoRent plugin Shows how to setup your HippoRent box to work with smartbots.
How to setup the SmartShare Tenant Inviter Shows how to setup and configure SSTI.