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SmartShare Tenant Inviter (SSTI)

SmartShare Tenant Inviter


SmartShare Tenant Inviter (SSTI) is a special plugin for HippoRent. SSTI allows for flexible and centralized management of tenants and provides the following features:

  • Automatically invite tenants to a SL group (any role)
  • Automatic ejects when rent expires or owner boots
  • Tenant can invite/remove Partners and Guests
  • Landlord has access to a web interface to see all the tenants and their guests
  • A log of the tenants activity is available
  • Send expiration reminders to tenants automatically

SSTI is configured using a main server (no need to separately configure each HippoBox): only need to edit the configuration note card in the SSTI server.

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Read the following pages for more details.

About SSTI

Configuring SSTI

Updating SSTI

For scripters

  • SSTI API - programming interface to interact with SSTI

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