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The following questions are the most frequently asked by our customers.

If you can't find the answer for what you are looking for below, please contact one of our support managers, they are listed to the left ("Support Managers" section).

  • Setup
  • Inviter+Chat+Notices
  • Personal bot


How long does it take to setup my SmartBot?

  • New orders are setup automatically within 15 minutes. However, this requires you to invite the bot to the group and give it the necessary permissions.

    If you have troubles configuring your group, our support managers will gladly help you.

Where do I put my SmartBot?

  • We host the bots on our sims. Instead of a bot, you put a 1-prim Interface device on your parcel. The Interface device locates all your visitors and commands the bot to invite them.

    If you want to put the personal bot on your parcel, see the Personal Bots section.


My group has an enrollment closed. Can I use SmartBots for invitations?

  • Yes. SmartBots send direct invitations which allows residents to join your group anyway.

May I use my SL group which has paid enrollment?

  • Yes. You just have to refund us the payment the bot pays to join your group.

Your Bot

Can I get a custom named bot?

  • You can setup your own bot to manage your group, see Personal Bots for details.


What is the range of Interface device?

  • The range of Interface device is adjustable up to 96 meters.

I have two Interface devices on my land, will they invite the visitor twice?

  • No. Devices will contact each other first and decide which one sends a single invitation.

Does SmartBots invite people who are already in the group?

  • The Bot does NOT invite existing group members automatically. But it will give them an invite if they click on the Interface device.

Will Interface invite visitor over and over to the same group?

  • No. SmartBots remembers all residents who received an invitation to your group, and won't send repetitive invitations. However, you can setup your bot to invite the resident once, twice or every time they visit the parcel.

How does the bot avoid spamming and annoying visitors?

  • Bot sends invitations to anyone who enters your parcel only, it ignores the nearby parcels.

    Each visitor receives the invitation message only once. This is the default behavior, you can change it to send invitation twice or every time.


Am I able to test an invitation to the group?

  • Yes. Owner of the Interface device can use the menu which allows you to request a test invitation.

No statistics has been gathered on questions regarding personal bots yet.

Please open the Personal Bots page to read more about personal bots, features and abilities.

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