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SBSL - SmartBots Scripting Language

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SBSL (SmartBots Scripting Language) is a simple programming language which allows your bot to react on in-world events and residents' activity.


Sbsl scheme.jpg

Being powered with SBSL, your bot is able to:

  • Track residents' messages (chat, IM, teleport offers)
  • Track groups activity (group chat, notices, group invitations)
  • Work with inventory (track inventory offers, deliver inventory)
  • Do custom HTTP requests to your website
  • Act as alive resident

SBSL comes with each Standard personal bots and does require any additional payments!

Writing SBSL programs

To start programming with SBSL you need a personal bot running with SmartBots. Start writing a script:

  1. Login to SmartBots account
  2. Click on "Manage bot" link
  3. Enable SBSL and click "View scripts":
    Open sbsl.png
  4. The script list appears.

Further reading

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