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Bot inventory

Your bot can keep any type of inventory items (notecards, landmarks, objects).

These can be delivered as notice attachments, or offered during the group invitation (see Greeter for instructions on how to activate it).

This functionality is available to both shared bots and Personal Bots.

Uploading inventory items

It's very easy to upload your inventory item to the bot:

  1. Use Second Life "People" search (CTRL-S) to find your bot by name.
  2. Drag the inventory item onto the bot's profile

IMPORTANT: Your item MUST be copy+trans, since you are going to give it out. See the "Changing permissions" below.

Changing permissions

You may want to disable some inventory permissions for the next owners (besides your bot).

For example, you may not want to give transferable gifts to your visitors. To manage that:

  1. Login to your SmartBots account
  2. Open your bot's inventory (for example, in "Notices" section)
  3. Change the item permissions:

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