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Personal Bot Inventory Browser

With the new personal bot inventory browser you can now manage your bots inventory without logging into it manually. You can now:

  • Quickly switch between folders;
  • Easily dress or undress your bot;
  • And you can also change the permissions on items.

Accessing inventory browser

To access inventory browser, open your Personal Bot Control Panel, then click "view inventory" link.

New inventory browser PB.png

As you can see above all of the your bot`s folders and objects are neatly displayed so you can easily manage them.


Below is a list of the features provided:

  1. Sorts the bot inventory: Sorting by date and name included
  2. Selected object from inventory, rest of the features below are displayed after an item is clicked
  3. Item operations, allows to: Wear object (Replace current or add) and take it off
  4. Displays the bot's current item permissions
  5. Allows you to change bot's current item permissions for next owner.
  6. Click Update in case you've changed anything in #5
  7. Deletes an object from bot's inventory permanently (USE CAREFULLY: Item does not go to Trash)

Objects are synced with our servers automatically as long as the bot is online.